When thinking about office decorations…

When thinking about office decorations…

office decorating

I didn’t tend to consider décor all that important three months ago. I’m quite comfortable living in a room whatever the colors and furniture may be as long as it’s comfortable. So I was in for a surprise when I found out how important décor is to my fiancée as we’ve been looking at apartments for when we will be married in a couple months. We got to an apartment that I thought looked nice, it was roomy, had a really nice community, lots of good things about it, and it was right in our budget, and her first question when we saw the bedroom: “Can we paint the walls?” The back wall behind the bed was a dark red color, something I hadn’t even taken into account, and she knows herself quite well and that with really dark walls she would not be able to sleep. Turns out, the wall colors could not be changed, with all the apartments being painted uniformly, so we dropped that complex from our list.

The next place had this beautiful community pool, every apartment had a small patio yard area, and it too was within our budget. The staff was extremely friendly, they included all the utilities as part of the rent, and I thought the apartment looked nice. Yet she, much more wise than me, started to list off our furniture and noticed that the living room had an odd shape that I did not take into account. There would be no way to put both her couch and my desk in that room without blocking the walkway. I had thought it looked roomy, but she was right, it was not structured in a way to easily place décor.

I started to admit that I’m not too good at this and I let her pick the next place. She picked an apartment off our list and we went to the leasing office. The attendant opened the model room, and assured us that the dimensions would be just like the apartment we would get, renting with them. My fiancée stepped in, looked around, and said “Nope, we are going somewhere else.” I felt relieved, having seen the price of the apartment and I knew it was outside what we could afford, yet I had barely started to take in the room, and asked her why she rejected it so fast. “Do I really have to walk you through it?” She took me over to the kitchen, which was visible from the living room. “This counter is too high to be useful, we aren’t bringing bar stools with us. The wall on this side slopes inwards so we won’t be able to put anything against it. The carpet is ugly, and they’ve carpeted the bathroom too,” she said pointing behind us.

I really admire her ability to see things so simply. For me to notice these issues, I’d have to be living in the apartment for several months for me to notice that something becomes annoying. However, when she sees something she likes, she recognizes it as well.

A couple of weeks ago we were reviewing another apartment. She didn’t care too much for the colors of the walls, but the attendant said we can put wall paper and a discount southwestern area rug in if we so desire. We took some photos of the apartment, compared our furniture and I estimated that it all fit well. They have many amenities and good things about the complex, but what she did next really taught me why décor matters.

She took photos of all of the furniture that each of us is bringing to our future home, and pulled up the images of the apartment on the computer. She then pasted copies of all of our furniture into the apartment, adjusting them to approximate the real size. I never even knew you could do something like that so simply digitally. We pulled up some pallets of wallpapers to see some examples, and we found some that combine really well with our furniture. The spacing, the colors, the appearance, everything worked out very well in those two rooms of that little apartment, and we found a design that we both really like. We are still reviewing a few other options, but I think we have really found a place that we will call home in two months when we marry. A place where after our daily studies and work, we can come home and be comfortable, in a well decorated place. Everything is low budget, almost everything we own is second hand, but she has taught me that you can make even a small space really feel like a warm home with the right décor.